Steven L. Ablon Poetry

Praise for

Dinner in the Garden

“Steve Ablon’s poetry is immediately accessible as it combines the language and multiple texts of the heart in his fine linguistic access to the mind.”


Poem of the Month

The Next Generation

They want to ride with us in the car,

want to sleep over every weekend,

eat popcorn, watch TV, they wish

They could live with us. We take them

for ice cream, as many rainbow

sprinkles as they want.

They keep us young, make lively

our household, get it right this time.

Didn’t we go to every soccer,

every baseball game, watch

ballet recitals, wedged in auditoriums?

Didn’t we study biology and Latin?

They left for college one by one and

each came back to visit at Thanksgiving,

let us grill them about courses, friends.

They hug us, say they will see us soon.

We are peripheral to the granchildren,

a vein, a capillary far from the heart.


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About the Poet

Steven L. Ablon has published four books of poems. His work has appeared in many magazines. He is an adult and child psychoanalyst and an Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard University Medical School Massachusetts General Hospital.